Dr Daniel Maskell

Daniel Maskell is a Research Associate in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Dan’s interests are in innovative natural building materials and how these can be used within the mainstream construction industry to reduce its environmental impact. This has informed his undergraduate work on prefabricated straw-bale construction, his PhD work on extruded unfired earth brick

Prof. Jean-Claude Morel

Jean -Claude Morel studied at the University of Grenoble (PhD Soil Mechanics), France. He was researcher for the French Ministry of Sustainability at Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l’Etat of Lyon from 1996 to 2015, before joining Coventry University as Professor Low Impact Buildings. Jean-Claude’s current research interests include Earthen building: mechanical, hygrothermal and durability characteristics of earthen materials (stabilised or not) as adobe, rammed earth, compressed earth blocks, earth mortars

Prof. Andrew Heath

Andrew Heath’s research interests are in laboratory testing and modelling of soils and geopolymers, landslide assessment, transportation infrastructure engineering, and the use of earth, waste and other sustainable materials in construction.

Prof. Steve Goodhew

Prof Goodhew’s research specialises in the monitoring of buildings and the relationship to perceived building performance.  Steve focuses his research upon different monitoring techniques including the use of thermography and its use in relation to improving the energy and comfort performance of homes and commercial properties.  He also works in the areas of sustainable construction materials, thermal measurements and wider issues in relation to the energy use in buildings.

Dr Michael Ramage

Michael Ramage leads the Centre for Natural Material Innovation at Cambridge University, and is an architectural engineer and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Architecture, a fellow of Sidney Sussex College, and a founding partner of Light Earth Designs.

Shirley Markley

Shirley is an historic building archaeologist specialising in researching and understanding Medieval and Post Medieval settlement archaeology with an MA in archaeology from UCC and a MUBC in architecture from UCD. Shirley has directed her own commercial archaeological consultancy for 16 years. She has worked widely in the heritage and museum sector including having been a previous Heritage Officer. She continues to develop public archaeology initiatives with heritage associations and is a strong advocate of the archaeology in schools programme. Her book, ‘Connecting People, Place and Heritage’ was published by Sligo County Council in 2013. Her present doctoral research examines earth built and earth mortared masonry construction in later medieval Ireland.