Daniel Maskell

Chair of Board of Trustees

Daniel is is a Research Associate at the Univeristy of Bath working on the ECO-SEE project. His passion for earth construction is mainly within the new build sector; which is fostered by his PhD work. It is his belief that mainstream adoption of earthen construction can utilise the environmental benefits on a wider scale and have a significant and measurable impact. This approach has become the rationale for his current research and will become key to his planned future work in academia.

Robin Britain

Robin is an architectural and building consultant based in the East Midlands, UK.  He developed an interest in cementitious and conglomerate building materials as a building student in further education, pursuing this during higher education with architectural degrees at, undergraduate level, and that being related to environmental, ecological and heritage building with research at post-graduate level; in particular the use of plant fibres and specifically industrial hemp with various lime binders.  He has continued to develop through research, the use of such plant fibres with low-impact binders focusing on the use with earthen resources as well as alongside other natural materials.  He has additional interests in the vernacular use of such natural resources with construction and architecture and various impacts, including toxicity and healthy, well-being with buildings.  He was formerly a volunteer director for former non-profit organisation, the Heritage Skills HUB for the Midlands, promoting and supporting heritage building, crafts and skills.

Féile Butler


Féile Butler is an architect based in the NW of Ireland. Having designed and built her own cob and straw-bale home with her husband, Colin Ritchie, they founded Mud and Wood in 2011. The business offers practical training, architectural services, building services and consultancy for natural building projects. Féile is also accredited in conservation architecture. Mud and Wood is listed on the Irish Georgian Society’s Traditional Building Skills Register and she has advised on the repair of centuries old mud-walled buildings. She is passionate about getting earth recognised as a valid and viable contemporary building material.

Alex Gibbons


Alex is a Cob Builder and Earth Plasterer based in the Midlands.  After a degree in Surveying, he undertook his Cob training in Oregon, USA at Aprovecho Education Centre.  While there, he focused his time on earth building and plastering, while teaching workshops and being part of the construction of two demonstration cabins.  On return to Europe, he undertook the repair of an 18th Century Cob Farmhouse in Normandy, and set up his own business ‘UnEarthed Natural Building and Conservation’.  He has now been accepted on to the William Morris Craft Fellowship with the Society for Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB), making him the first Earth Builder to undertake the programme.  He is passionate about getting muddy, and loves to share his enthusiasm for building with earth with whoever will listen!

Mike Lawrence


Mike Lawrence is a Lecturer in Low Carbon Design within the BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering. He specialises in Natural Building Materials and in the optimisation of the fabric of buildings to minimise in-use energy consumption. Mike is currently company secretary/treasurer.

Rowland Keable


Rowland works with rammed earth as a material in a wide range of situations. This includes consulting, bringing the technical knowledge of the material to a design team in a new build context. Rowland also provides technical liaison, working with commercial and academic testing facilities in the context of live projects and research work. Teaching mainly to academic students and small workshops. Training particularly on-site in a commercial setting. Regulatory work, writing, developing and harmonising national standards.

Tom Morton

Project Officer

Tom has considerable expertise in ecological construction, conservation and the reuse of old buildings. He has managed a wide variety of projects for private and community clients and leads Arc’s research activities. Tom is RIAS accredited in both conservation and sustainable design.

Becky Little

ECVET Project Officer

Becky Little is a Scottish mud and mortar mason and founder of Rebearth.

Sally Mareike

Sally’s interest in earth building stems from her undergraduate studies, her career as a potter, and an MSc from the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), Machynlleth, Wales. Her thesis experimented with creating a low-impact, insulating, healthy, breathable clay plaster, containing clay, hemp and cow dung.

In 2014 Sally set up and has since worked with Building Naturally Ltd to promote the use of natural materials in construction.

Working with EBUKI, Sally’s intentions are to help increase the knowledge and provision of healthier buildings, to re-skill society for a future without fossil fuel and to reduce CO2 emissions through low-impact construction techniques. Earth can do it all!

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